future of programming?

Sometimes I feel, intelligent programmers are extinct. There are excellent programmers, in terms of technology and implementation, but sometimes I feel, a robot would, could he program, do it all right. I mean it's about that, turn on the brain from time to time and sometimes go to a superior, if you have seen an obvious error. and, when I see the development of Microsoft, I think, that they might be on the right track again. In any case, .NET is no longer the 100% future after all, so there is still a possibility, to program directly and not hand over control to Microsoft. The problem is namely, when Microsoft makes a mistake in .NET, my software has a problem – and, boys and girls, That can not be. I'm even happier to read it, dass Visual Basic 6.0 in all current Windows versions Win10 and 11 is fully supported (meine Software betrifft das eh nicht oder nur in ganz geringen Umfang, da ich alles selber programmiert habe und nicht bzw. nur falls wirklich nötig auf Microsoft DLL’s zurückgreife).

And, sorry, I forgot about the crab back on the internet:





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And, I have my problems with would-be programmers (sorry, you can only write small). But today something completely new happened, for what (yes, why)? The new head of Microsoft finally got it, that his .NET shit doesn't work? But no matter how, as long as it runs, this software is there, if another ass thinks so, he had to turn it off, I'm on C++ (not on this google-phyto-and-microsoft-.net-and-c# crap)

and… for this software you can switch off so many dlls, as you wish….How is it actually going with Dynamics? I could imagine, that you would have to switch to Alltron, I think, they pay you assholes enough.

Also, study what, when they write that (program, or develop that)? How can I report google to google mail itself as SPAM? For real, 3 different locations? How about, if you just scrap Android? Or. would just stop using google android?

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- serious question: You idiots?
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