Download spoolerXYZ Stand Allone

With the latest XYZspooler, which is also supplied with invoicesXYZ, voucher e-mails can be created, Send it directly and automatically record it in WooCommerce from WordPress via the supplied MySQL interface or via the supplied web interface / to register.

1. Download
2. Extract
3. Start setup.exe in the unzipped folder

The program is installed as an XYZspooler.


Please make the correct SMTP and MySQL database settings under Settings first.


If your provider does not allow external database access, no problem either. With the software, the communication interface can be created with a click using PHP.

Would you like to make the vouchers available to your customers graphically?, you will find a PHP solution in the following download link, with which you can hand over the voucher directly in a link.



3 Variants of communication
Does your provider allow external database access?, in this way the connection to the database can be established directly with XYZspoole. If only he “local” Access allowed, the database must be accessed from your web server. But this can be done very easily with the automatically generated PHP files (comm-wp.php und config-wp.php) to solve. Simply upload these two files to your server, in the same directory, as is the wp-config.php (i.e. the root directory of WodPress).

The data transfer always takes place securely over the Internet. In one case the PC controls, where the XYZspooler is running, database, in the other (indirect) If so, the data will be transferred via a web browser, read out by the PHP code and transferred to the database.



Variant access via PHP
If you click on the tick via comm-wp.php, the two files comm-wp.php and config-wp.php are automatically created based on the login data entered. Load these two files into the wpcomm subdirectory (must be created) high – so there, where you can find the wp-config.php file, the wpcomm directory must be created. The two files comm-wp.php and config-wp.php must then be in this directory, the XYZspooler created. The files are located in the working directory of invoicesXYZ or, in the stand-alone version, in the directory pversand.

Important: All settings must match exactly to the mark, especially the reference to the charset (Charakter Set). If this is not true, may of weird issues / Return values ​​up to errors and incorrect entries occur. For questions, Help or support are available to licensees via the free e-mail support at


In this database, for example, the charset N I C H T utf8mb4_unicode_ci, but utf8mb4.

A good opportunity, locate the correct charset, is the wp-config.php file (if you have WordPress installed).


Third variant
Download this specifically for XYZspoolers / invoicesXYZ developed a WordPress plugin:

Download XYZspooler-Plugin

Install it in WordPress as usual and activate the plugin. Paste the shortcode [comm_xyzspooler] either into an existing page, or on a new page. You then enter the page title in the XYZspooler settings as spooler page. To get this variant to work, activate the tick at “via the Web” AND “via Plugin” – BOTH TICKETS MUST BE SET.

The advantage of this variant is obvious: You don't need a charset or passwords / Knowing the login data from the database and do not need to do an FTP upload.



Mailversand via Outlook

Do you have Outlook (tested version 2019), so you can comfortably send the mails via Outlook. That has the advantage, that you have all mail in Outlook under “sent” can see. An offline“shipping” possible, the mails are in Outlook in the folder “Postausgang” saved and sent, as soon as you have internet access.

To send via Outlook, please enter the Outlook email. These are in Outlook under “Files” – “information” evident, in my example


Activate “via Microsoft Outlook” and give this email address 1:1 in the settings as a login email.

click on “to save & Conclude”.

You will be prompted by Microsoft Outlook the first time you send it, select the profile. Confirm the profile you want (in case you have several, Your e-mail address must be present in the profile or. to match):


When you click on Options, you can set the profile as the default profile and confirm the profile to be used. Then you will not be prompted again for each e-mail (makes with XYZspooler in 99,99% in all cases sense, because probably not only an e-mail is sent).