WPcc – WordPress Color Changer

Who has already dealt with WordPress, weiss, wie mühsam die Suche nach einem bestimmten Farbwert sein kann. Various CSS and possibly also the individual PHP files have to be laboriously searched. That has an end. The program changes the colors as desired and creates a new program code, which can be loaded onto the site completely via FTP.


What's new in version 1.1:
– Text search in whole folder / allen Files, z.B. in whole WordPress installation
– Child theme creation made easy



Softwareprojkte, which I also program otherwise:

Corona Simulator

Corona Simulation by Roger Kläusler


The software is free and can be copied and distributed freely.

The current corona virus is exactly such a system. But, I'm stuck-
posed, that many people struggle extremely, anything under it at all
to introduce. The problem: You only hear the one number 3 (as an an example),
So there is a Mesch 3 People to ... doesn't sound that bad.

ATTENTION, one calculates: i would be infected, go out, stuck 3 more people
an, and from now on it really starts. All 3 can go again 3 infect,
so it's already 9, this 9 can each turn 3 infect, So already

  1. Do the math, how many people in just 10 Days are affected. 1 x 3 x 3 x
    3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = ??? Fast 60 000 People, right? Is anyway
    just hard to believe, what you can do as an individual

And that brought me yesterday, the 3. April 2020 On the idea, a small
Program simulation. That is really impressive, as soon as a
another person is infected, is it starting, and if a few are infected
are, the whole thing literally explodes.

Briefly about the software: It is of course kept very simple, but that should also
Not 1000 Have functions such as. an software.

You can enter the radius of the infection in meters, the number of people
and the representation by clicking on the area “Line” or “square”.

I wish everyone, who are affected by this brutal plague, get well soon
and those, which it is boring, that they don't get infected and something
find meaningful things for the pastime.

By the way: In case you are dealing with the thought, Your own business
build up, then you will surely need software, about your bills
to create and manage your business. Then take a look here: (if you didn't download the software from here).






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