On there is a great comparison of the 10 best software packaged ERP software for business. If you would send the invoices XYZ as 11 to accept, she would do quite well, the price- / The performance ratio should even be excellent.

A cash register application that will be released soon can already be tried out (click here).

Of course everyone has to decide for themselves, what software he wants to use, and especially in the ERP area this is not that easy, because you don't want to change an ERP solution again in the next year. So it's kind of like “bet on the right horse”.

However, you have some advantages with billingXYZ, which even deal with large (and correspondingly expensive applications such as Microsoft Dynamics (Microsoft Navision) or let SAP compare: XYZ continuously records customer requests and functions and integrates them into the system. So you have a very cheap software combined with the possibility, to expand the system practically at will – only that billsXYZ doesn't cost thousands of euros a month.


Criteria for comparing providers

Be in the test report 4 Main areas and 29 Examination criteria examined. These can of course also be used and answered for invoicesXYZ:

Ease of use invoicesXYZ

Is there a mobile app? Can the program be used on the move?? 0
Is the system intuitive to use?? 10
How many foreign languages ​​does the system support? 4
Can the user design his invoice layout?? 5
How does the invoice dispatch from the system work?? 1
Is there an integrated time recording? 10

Scope of functions invoicesXYZ

Offers can be created? 10
Order confirmations can be sent? 10
Is it possible and easy to convert the offer to an invoice?? 10
Are there recurring bills, Subscription bills or credits? 0
How many foreign currencies does the system offer? 6
Delivery notes can be sent? 10
Is there a bank account comparison, to realize, whether an invoice has been paid? 0
Is there a dunning system for invoices that have not been paid? 10
The system offers the possibility, an e-bill or. create a ZUGFeRD invoice? 0

Interface invoicesXYZ

Automatic capture of output documents, z.B. for the later BWA or. the income statement or the income statement. Interface to DATEV programs, z.B. Company online? 0
Can data be exported? 5
Can the tax advisor log in and get data?? 0
Export of data to Excel? 5
Are there interfaces to merchandise management or e-commerce systems? 0

price & Service invoicesXYZ

What does the billing program cost per month on the basis of a 12-month subscription? 10
How many users can use the system? 10
How long can the system be tested for free?? 10

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