I thank you all 22 to 25 year old Microsoft programmer

I would like to thank all of the young people today, pronounce it to incompetent programmers, who still have the feeling, tinkering with the date format. Unfortunately, that has been around for about 20 Years like that. Before the year 2000 it did not occur to any sane programmer, to change anything in the format of the system date. What a software then finally displays, … Read more


0009-32bit_Win7_Win8_Win81_Win10_R282.exe – the disaster update from 27.09.2021 Oh well, for some it may be a blessing, and software, the before 20 Years still ran, in front 19 Years ago, however, it has not been dug up again, ok. For all, who program SQL or otherwise like to work a lot with dlls (you don't have to reinvent the wheel) … Read more

3.8is, for founders

Version 3.8 – map your own processes The version 3.8 should represent a milestone in the development of invoicesXYZ. On the one hand – she has always done that – it offers countless functions, which go far beyond ERP software and are now also equipped with a LogoCreator and a book title generator, to change – and the … Read more

Not sure?

Who is not sure, which software suits him or her best, should definitely take a look at softguide.de. My software is e.g.. under: https://www.softguide.de/software/suche/s/rechnungenxyz available. I do not claim anywhere, that this is the best software. In my opinion that would be Microsoft Dynamics anyway, freely programmable database. But who has 3000 Euros per month … Read more

invoicesXYZ version 3.67

The newest version 3.67 from invoicesXYZ is about to be released. In particular, functions for the perfect home office were built in. So you can give your customers e.g.. communicate directly, whether you are currently working and how you can be reached (for me the accessibility is e.g.. 0 speak zero, when I'm programming 🙂 ). Here … Read more

Share the video and get the ERP software for free

Share the video and get the ERP software for free Yes, You heard right, just a few clicks to share the promotional video on https://rechnungen.xyz, and you get the following software for free: invoicesXYZ, the ERP software for retail and service providers NEW: MULTILINGUAL FTP CLIENT EXTENDED PROJECT MANAGER / CUSTOMER FILING TEXT BLOCK FOR E.G.. APPLICATIONS AT MACHDUDAS.DE WPCC BUILT (WordPress Color Changer) … Read more

The tricks of amateur programmers

…build directly into a plug-in…well, you don't have to be able to do much:   PLEASE EXCUSE THIS PAGE TEMPORARILY. How easy to see, this page is created in WordPress. A hacking attack, pretty second-rate programmers though, but at least, led to it, that you have been redirected to a page. Meanwhile I have the culprits, to … Read more

Also new at Digistor 24

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