License invoicesXYZ as OEM

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a reseller, a person or a company, what a product in your own name, with your own label and with your own logo with your own infrastructure, Offer your own support and marketing, want to give away or sell.

For example, if you want to build your own business with your own software, so you can offer OEM products like your own product in your own name.

You can purchase OEM licenses from 200 Licenses for the price of only 1.– Purchase euros per license. The software is displayed with your logo, Your name or. Your idea of ​​the software name and your data supplemented and made available to you.

Here you can see for yourself, that the software 1:1 is the same. The version that can be downloaded here is the same logo as that of the BlueEdition.

only Euro 1.– from 200 piece

What you should consider with an OEM license and with OEM products in general:

  • You are offering the software on your behalf
  • You provide end customer support
  • You take care of marketing and sales
  • You take care of sales channels and their support
  • You have all permissions, to offer the software everywhere
  • You can always reorder licenses in packs of 200, so have a minimal risk

It's just the same, as if you had programmed the software.