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Hi! Do you feel like, for a small software forge a software for the sideline, to sell the small business or the freelancer in the home office? Then get in now. My suggestion is (which I also officially offer), handle the billing cleanly via Digistore24. But I am also open to other suggestions, the performance share is important to me.

Which is of course an advantage: Big network, an online shop itself, own shop for sale, a Digistore24 Account, own website, large circle of acquaintances, and of course a little time, to deal with the software and the features, because it stands out from practically every common software through some features and you have various arguments ready.

I will be happy to send you detailed information about the software when I contact you. Shortly: ERP software with some specials for the small business owner, such as very easy creation of HTML templates for a large number of HTML data sheets, Merchandise management, accounting, Balance sheet- and income statement at the push of a button, Article management with options (typical example: T-Short, Options size S, M, L, XL, XXL). Reporting and printing on account (thus fully compliant with the law) etc. etc. etc.

Interested parties should only apply officially via The software's official retail price is 99.– Euros and the official commission on digistore24 is 50%, but like I said, I am also open to other suggestions. If on an hourly basis, please also the suggestion, how you can prove your expenditure of time.

About a large number of really interested and motivated freelancers, Shops, I would be very happy to do business and affiliates.

LG, Roger