I thank you all 22 to 25 year old Microsoft programmer

I would like to thank all of the young people today, pronounce it to incompetent programmers, who still have the feeling, tinkering with the date format.

Unfortunately, that has been around for about 20 Years like that. Before the year 2000 it did not occur to any sane programmer, to change anything in the format of the system date. What a software then finally displays, is something completely different, a completely different topic. But the system (so at least a good operating system) has over 200 Years to deliver exactly the same date format.

But I have an idea for all the new ones, who want to tinker with the date format. How about, if you also specify the month for each country? Also z.B. in Hungary (today is 30.09.2021) it would look like this:

September 30, 2021

In Germany:
30. September 2021

And for America you could use the short format for a change (of course without commenting on anything, because otherwise it wouldn't be exciting anymore):

I would recommend, the whole thing directly in the company- and system variables (just like it windows 10 already does), that gives the whole thing a certain spice and guarantees no programmer unemployed.

Oh well, the invoicesXYZ should now start with the version 3.83 have a grip, if not, please mail to rogerku35@gmail.com, I really enjoy solving Microsoft problems – but only for free in my own software.