operation manual?

It's about time, to write too, what the software can do. It will be a complete, printed approx 700 Side manual arise. It will be accompanied in the next 5 weeks of videos, or the other way around.

The videos are of course free of charge, the license will be included in the price of the book.


Start: 1. 11. November 2022 – What is ERP
Consequence: 2. 18. November 2022 – How do I make a website
Consequence: 3. 25. Nobember 2022 – Marketing and video professionals – why a speaker
Consequence: 4. 02. December 2022 – Why you should NEVER market your own product untested
Consequence: 5. 09. December 2022 – Support! But please correct! what CalculationsXYZ or. the Roger offers is not grad