Download cash register for invoicesXYZ

A till solution for Android phones and tablets, programmed in sketchware, which is offered here free of charge as a standalone solution. This is from approx. Communicate with billsXYZ at the end of September and is therefore a perfect addition for everyone, who also want to sell something at the fair, or look for a suitable till solution at a store.

Download Demo AQ Selector

Customer application for the selection of a desired electric motor.


Download QR-Code

Customer application for reading and sending a QR code


Download the pizza ordering app

Simple customer application: Order page integrated in an app


PizzaShop 3nd Edition (Danger, direkt .apk)

Test app for displaying shops or websites.



Sport boat license (Danger, direkt .apk)



Web app created by the customer with wpapp, I took over the whole google-play upload procedure:




As standard, every Android phone is optimally protected against virus attacks and malware. This is why only apps from Google's own website or. Install via Google Play. These apps have been checked for functionality by google.

When you install a program from this or another website, is that possible in principle, but should only be carried out, if you know the app and are safe, that this software won't do anything bad.

So you have to open your phone to third party software, so that you can install .apk files from other sites. You do so at your own risk. I can stand up for the programs here on this page, but in general this setting is resp. Be careful when opening your smartphone.

So if you do any software this way / Want to install the app, put you at “Unknown sources” a hack. You will be reminded of the danger again afterwards. I recommend, the heels at “Allow this installation only” absolutely to be set!