Instructions invoicesXYZ

You will find detailed operating instructions below, from the installation to the design of your own letterhead. If you have any questions, you can use the support chat in the support area at any time (Live-Chat).

Installation of invoicesXYZ

The application is installed on a 32-bit Windows computer or. under a 32-bit Windows operating system (Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10). Are you still using an older Windows version, please contact us. In theory, the software runs from Windows 3.11!


If you installed the software before the 14.08.2020 downloaded here, or the version 3.56 via Digistore24, so please download the version first 3.61 down (click here).

REASON: In the version 3.56 a mistake crept in, under certain circumstances it is not possible, capture a new customer.

Start the setup program

Download the setup program ( or start it from the CD, depending on it, which version you have chosen. The setup program is called reckoningXYZ32_Setup and is an .EXE file, also executable (executable). After a double click on this file the setup starts. If a Windows security warning is displayed, acknowledge this with YES (so install software).


Specify, whether you would like to create a desktop icon and click on next.

Then click Next, if you agree with the selection of the options.

The program will now be installed, Depending on the speed of your system, this process can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

The software is now ready for the first start. Select using the check mark, whether you want to start the software immediately. click on “Complete”. The software is now installed.

First start of invoiceXYZ

When starting for the first time, all necessary settings are made, such as creating a tenant. You will be guided step by step. The settings can be changed or adjusted later at any time.

XYZ now starts up in the initial installation mode and displays the individual steps and settings.

So now go by clicking on Next (or ALT + W) to the first setting. Of course it is not forbidden, read the useful hints. But you will see, that practically everything is presented in a clear and self-explanatory manner.

So click on “Further”, and you get to the activation. The country settings are already in the background, Shipping methods and payment methods loaded. You can also activate it later. We'll activate the software here in the instructions right now.

Activation of the software

You can also purchase the invoiceXYZ license quickly and easily online (see online ordering process).







The activation code is either in the main directory of the CD or you have received it digitally in the form of a file. The file is called snr.snr. In the event of, that you have received the activation code as a file, so this file must necessarily be placed in a main directory of any drive, A – Z can be copied. The hard disk with drive letter C is usually preferred by users:\ or D:\. So it should look something like this for you:

Return to the software, so to the window, in which you can select the drive.

So select your drive in the window, in which you copied the file snr.snr or in the case, that you are working with the CD version, please select the CD-ROM or DVD drive, in which the original CD is located.

If you did not purchase the software, but just want to try it out, so click OK anyway. In this case, the message is simply displayed, that you are working with a demo version and that you cannot register unlimited customers. However, the functions can be fully tested.

After activation, the license number is displayed and thus confirmed, that the activation was successful. exception: License number 904, In the case of a demo version, this is generated automatically and the software has not been activated.

Confirm this message by clicking OK. You are now in the window “Settings”. If the help is still displayed, click on Continue, so that the help window is closed.

Settings invoicesXYZ

Enter your preferred settings here, So country-specific settings such as currency, Your desired payment modalities, the shipping methods, Salutation, etc.. Here you also select the drive and the directory, in which invoiceXYZ should save the data. For example, your mask could look like this, if you are in Switzerland, are or are active in Germany and Austria. deliver to these countries, also accept PayPal payments and the directory for the data in drive C:\ should be done under invoice_xyz_data.

If the directory does not yet exist, please click on Create. If the drive was created successfully, the confirmation appears:


Confirm this message with OK. If you want to work with clients, thus issue invoices on behalf of the company, or have several different companies themselves, you can create a client with the following message.

If this is not the case and invoices are only to be issued for a single company, so click no, otherwise yes.


Then click Next, the software tries now, restart yourself. In the event of, that this does not succeed, please restart the software manually. You are now in the window “Suppliers”.

Please enter at least one supplier here. If you only have your own products, just click OK. Suppliers can be added or deleted at any time. Click on Continue. You are now in the article entry. So that you can work with the software, At least one article MUST be recorded. You can change this at any time later, delete or change and of course add new articles. So please enter at least one article. The article number can be freely chosen and made up of numeric and alphanumeric characters. This makes the overview easier and saves you, to check every time, which article number you should enter. Be sure to, that you for each country or. record a price for each currency, also then, when the currency is the same. Enter the number of items available or, if it is z.B. Services, click under Inventory withoutan. In this case the article will also be charged, if it is not in stock.

You also have the option of stock items, a minimum- and maximum stock. items, which fall below the minimum stock, are automatically extrapolated to the maximum stock when the next supplier order is placed.

Before you save, you have to open at least one article group. To do this, just type in the field “Article group new” Enter the desired article group and confirm this with the ENTER key. The new article group now appears under Article group. For a new article, please select the desired article group by clicking on it.

When all information about the article has been entered, Click on "Save (New). Then click on “further”, around in the window “value added tax” to get.

Here you can make the settings for the desired automatic VAT settlement. If you want to apply the settings, click on “Save list” and then continue.

The software now confirms the successful initial installation. Acknowledge this message by clicking OK.

The software tries now, restart yourself. Shouldn't that succeed?, please restart the software manually. The software is now ready for productive operation.

Support: If you have any questions or something is unclear, do not hesitate, the live chat or. Contact Live Support.