3.8is, for founders

Version 3.8 – map your own processes

The version 3.8 should represent a milestone in the development of invoicesXYZ. On the one hand – she has always done that – it offers countless functions, which go far beyond ERP software and are now also equipped with a LogoCreator and a book title generator, to change – and that should be the decisive point for many – is the software from version 3.8 programmable.

The most important thing should be (and that's why the version had 3.8 also good 2 Weeks delay): Functions and commands, that are in, stay that way and be in 10 Years still 1:1 be compatible. Or in other words: Should it have a function in there, that goes wrong, it will also be in 10 Years still go wrong and the corrections or ways that have been made, how it leads to the desired result, will remain unchanged.

Exactly, only noticed marginally, is one of the most common mistakes in IT. It can not be, that a program, that before 2 Years went perfectly, suddenly shows errors or no longer works as desired – I speak from experience and have a current example: Date in WinXP, in Win7 (also Vista), Win8 and the absolute disaster in Win10 – as much as nothing more compatible in the date format.