invoicesXYZ 3.9

2022 ERP overview

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Programmable ERP software


Software for everyone

invoicesXYZ has a wide range of functions and is part of the standard software area. It is suitable for:

  • Service sector: The software is also perfectly applicable for non-material services. Each article can be recorded either with storage or for services WITHOUT storage. An article in the area of ​​advice and service, for example, can be sold and charged infinitely, without triggering a reorder. The software comes in only one version and does not include any hidden costs for additional modules! Projects can also be managed perfectly with it. The search in different folders (where have I noted that again?) has an end, because each customer can be assigned a subdirectory and all information and notes can be recorded directly in the software. So you also have your customer support (CRM functions) perfectly under control and still know after months, what you discussed with whom. Smooth communication with customers and clients is thus guaranteed.

  • Trading companies: Well-engineered business software, which you optimal support in your processes and integrates suppliers and buyers, is essential for a trading company. The ordering system is able to, an enormous one Manage assortment size, the warehouse movements automatically to be recorded and to order independently for the corresponding maximum stock, as soon as the minimum stock is undercut. That makes it easier or. reduces the ordering effort to an absolute minimum, even with a large assortment (Press the order button, finished). Here, too, the software comes fully equipped, there are no hidden costs with additional modules.

  • Manufacturing: The software is also suitable for smaller production companies, when it comes to the procurement of production parts. For example, small parts, but they are never allowed to go out, z.B. to a minimum stock of 1000 and a maximum inventory of 2000 be set. Are for example only 800 PCS. in stock, will automatically order the software again with the next order 1200 Piece to it. And of course the whole thing is combined with the two areas of trade and service. Residues are released at the push of a button.


At a glance

  • Direct voucher dispatch and entry in WooCommerce – without backend, just with one click
  • MySQL interface
  • WordPress Plugin (Interface for sending vouchers – XYZspooler)
  • Work status can be accessed online (easy setup) example:
  • Extended FTP functions
  • WordPress plug-in programming (PHP knowledge required!)
  • Command blocks (PHP program can be saved as a command)
  • Advanced system settings
  • Improved reporting
  • Advertising on account
  • Simplified graphic letterhead
  • Multilingual (Deutsch / English / French / Hungarian)
  • JSON creation
  • HTML datasheets
  • Read in HTML templates
  • Extended project management
  • Extended report function
  • Report printout on invoices (legally compliant)
  • Built-in FTP client
  • Customer management
  • Project management
  • Advertising and texts on account
  • Payment details on account
  • Standalone software, no database connection required
  • Adjusts to the screen size
  • Record article, manage, to change
  • Rapport essence and time recording
  • Invoices with your own letterhead
  • Ordering
  • Warehouse management
  • Article management
  • Article variants incl. Orders (z.B. T-shirt size)
  • accounting
  • Dunning
  • Print price list
  • Suitable for more countries
  • Multiple currencies
  • Individual settings (Shipping methods, Dunning, Payment terms)
  • Customer information
  • Individual comments per order